“I Was An American Spy” on DVD!!!

At long last! I have been looking for I Was an American Spy for over ten years and have had countless people contact me in hot pursuit as well. This 1951 drama starring Ann Dvorak as the real life Claire Phillips, who worked as a nightclub singer while spying on the Japanese and is eventually captured, was Ann’s favorite role.

Warner Bros now has what they call “The Warner Archive Collection” and I Was an American Spy is one of many great titles offered for $19.95. The print was supposedly restored recently, and should look great. My copy is ordered and on its way. I will give a full report once the grand premiere has taken place in my living room.

Click here to order your copy of I Was An American Spy!


  1. Ralph Belezerian December 6, 2010

    If the DVD is as good as the original film I would like to purchase a copy.

  2. admin December 7, 2010

    Hi Ralph,

    My understanding is that the film was restored a few years ago, so the quality is pretty good. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Warner Archive DVD.


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