Where can I find a copy of I Was An American Spy?
As of March 2009, this film is available through the Warner Bros Archive Collection.

How is Dvorak pronounced?
Ann was quoted in Literary Digest as saying, “My name is properly pronounced vor’shack. The D remains silent.” However, da-vor-ak became such a common pronunciation that she conceded defeat early on in her career and went by da-vor-ak.

Why wasn’t Ann a bigger star?
By July of 1932, Warner Bros had purchased Ann’s contract from Howard Hughes, put her in seven films and was strongly promoting her career. It was at this time she decided to take a year-long European honeymoon and complain about her salary to the press. Although she returned to Hollywood in 1933 and worked regularly until 1951, her career never regained its 1932 momentum.

What is the name of the song Ann sings to George Raft in “Scarface?”
The song is called “The Wreck of the Old 97.” 

Why did you become interested in Ann?
I first saw Ann in “Three on a Match” sometime in the mid-1990s and was blown away by her performance. I soon watched “Scarface” and “G Men” and became a fan. When I discovered I could afford posters from her movies on my starving student college salary, I was hooked.

When is your book coming out.
As of November 2013 Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel is available from the University Press of Kentucky!