1932/33 Honeymoon

In July of 1932, Ann Dvorak walked out on her contract with Warner Bros. to go on an eight month honeymoon abroad with husband Leslie Fenton. During the course of their travels they went to England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, and parts of Africa. While in Germany, Leslie Fenton filmed the English-language version of F.P.1 while Ann observed from the sidelines. After returning to the States, Warner Bros. put Ann back to work, but no longer seemed to promote her as a star attraction and her career never gained the momentum of early 1932. Later in life, Ann expressed regret at the lack of attention she paid to her career after she married Leslie Fenton while at the same time regarded the honeymoon as one of the highlights of her life. 

I was fortunate enough to obtain Ann’s personal scrapbook of photos from the honeymoon along with some of their later travels. Here is a sampling from the scrapbook which has also been complied in the volume The Inseparables: Images of Ann Dvorak & Leslie Fenton’s 1932 Honeymoon From Their Personal Scrapbook.


Filming “F.P.1”