“Bright Lights” on TCM, L.A. Times Love, and Remembering Ann’s Wartime Service

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 315

Dvorak 16.2

There is much news to report today so here’s the rundown.

Bright Lights in going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Tuesday November 12th at 3:45am PST. One day, TCM will screen an Ann Dvorak movie after sunrise. Until then, I recommend trying to catch this 1935 feature starring Ann and Joe E. Brown which doesn’t air too often. It’s a fun film and the pair have great chemistry as husband and wife. Hopefully there’s a Warner Archive release in our future. (You listening Warner Archive??)

This morning’s Los Angeles Times features a nice little promo for the book and launch party. Special thanks to Susan King for getting Ann some coverage.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel Official Book Launch Party! As soon as I post this, I will be heading to the kitchen to prepare Ann Dvorak fudge and pralines. 

Finally, on this Veterans Day holiday, I wanted to make note of Ann’s contribution to the war effort. Not too many of us would have so willingly traveled through hostile waters as civilians during Christmas of 1940 to get to a London being bombarded in the midst of the Blitz. Ann Dvorak did just that, and spent nearly three years in the UK. One of her many contributions was as a member of the Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC) where she drove an ambulance though a war-torn city, rescuing the wounded after air raids. Above is a photo of our gal in her MTC uniform, a true veteran.



  1. Vienna November 11, 2013

    Look forward to hearing about the launch. Have a great time!
    I have just put my review of your book on my blog. Any factual mistakes, do let me know.

  2. admin November 11, 2013

    Thanks Vienna, I really appreciate it! The great thing about writing a film-related book is that the bloggers can be counted on to give thoughtful and in-depth reviews which is such a boon.

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