Book Launch Party Prep – Ann Dvorak Fudge & Pralines

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 303

Dvorak Fudge007

After researching Ann Dvorak for well over a decade, I accumulated a mountain of information. While most of my discoveries made their way into the book, there were other things that were left behind. Some items were tidbits that I could not seamlessly weave them into the narrative while others had that questionable scent of studio publicity. The handful of  “Ann Dvorak recipes” in my possession fell into that latter category, so they were left behind. However, some of them will be resurrected for the official book launch party, though I am assuming with varying results.

Guest blogger Mary McCoy previously discussed Ann’s New England Baked Beans, Salad Encino, and my favorite, Unprepared Walnuts. A popular consensus of friends and family agreed these all sounded like terrible party foods, so I went back into the piles of Dvorak papers and located a nice recipe for Bavarian  Crème Pudding and a very questionable one for Apple Chutney. My mom was kind enough to cook Ann’s chutney to specification – and the result was spectacularly revolting. Instead, she is going to use a more modern concoction which will be called “Ann Dvorak Tribute Apple Chutney.” Sorry Ann!

I was going to pass on the celery filled with Roquefort, but that has gotten many thumbs up, and I personally think crispy bacon & peanut butter on mini toasts sounds delightful. If I have the wherewithal, there may be deviled eggs though skipping the anchovies found in Ann’s recipe might be welcomed by guests.

Finally, we have the fudge and pralines, because “stars must eat!” Last week I did a test run and I think it was successful. The pralines turned out great and received rave reviews from co-workers. The fudge was well received by adults, though my daughter spit it out in my hand. Therefore, I think I will cut back on the amount of molasses Ann called for. This ingredient definitely gives it an old-timey taste  but apparently is not hip with today’s toddler set.

This menu may cause you to run to the party or run to the hills, but it will have the undeniable mark of our Divine Miz D (or the studio publicity people)!

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