Ann Dvorak’s Los Angeles, Pt. 12 – 3339 Troy Drive

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 267

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On March 17, 1932, Ann Dvorak eloped with Leslie Fenton in Yuma Arizona. Upon their return, she left the watchful eye of her mother who was living at 6366 Orange Street and moved in with her bridegroom. Fenton has been residing at 1328 Miller Drive, but after tying the knot with Ann the couple relocated to a charming Spanish style residence at 3339 Troy Drive. Located in a hilly area off Cahuenga Blvd, near Universal Studios, it was just over the hill from Warner Bros., where Ann was spending all of her professional time.

When the Fentons took off on their prolonged honeymoon, all of Ann’s Warner Bros. options where delivered to Troy Drive where a delivery confirmation was signed by a member of the Fenton clan in Ann and Leslie’s absence.

The 1926 residence is still standing and back in 2007, it could have been yours for a mere $913,000.



  1. Scott September 24, 2013

    Dear Ms. Rice,

    The extent of your knowledge of 1930’s Los Angeles is beyond impressive. As the British might say, it’s almost anorak. In my line of work, I could certainly use someone with your extensive and encyclopedic expertise in this area.

    I have, in the past, usually worked alone. But your unique brand of knowledge, as well as the diligence you’ve displayed in having acquired it, could prove very beneficial. My friend Bernie Ohls at the District Attorney’s office speaks very highly of you. After this book of yours come out, perhaps we could get together to discuss a collaborative business association? (And that’s strictly business, doll.) Call my office. GLenview 7537.

    Very truly yours,
    Philip Marlowe

  2. admin September 25, 2013

    Dear Mr. Marlow,

    Thank you for your interest in my work, though much of the credit must go to the steady stream of people filtering into the Los Angeles Public Library whose inquiries have honed my extensive knowledge of this fair city. I also need to thank a gal by the name of Ann Dvorak. Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

    Christina Rice
    L.A. Librarian

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