Whatever You Do, Please Don’t Buy Me “Crooner” Sheet Music

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 32



Anyone wanting to own a piece of vintage Ann Dvorak memorabilia should have no trouble finding sheet music from the film Crooner, featuring a lovely portrait of our fair Ann. In fact, there are two different versions of Crooner sheet music for the songs “Sweethearts Forever” and “Two’s a Crowd” which are played in the movie, over and over and over…and over. If two versions of Crooner sheet music aren’t enough, there are also Australian versions and maybe others!

I remember the first time I saw this sheet music. It was in my early days of collecting on Dvorak, and I was sure excited to find something with Ann featured so prominently. Then I came to realize how common sheet music is and over the years I have ended up with countless copies. I once was cleaning my car out and found “Two’s a Crowd” under the seat. No clue how it got there.  At this moment, there are at least 20 for sale on ebay and one joker is asking $12 for it. Don’t do it!! Just go to your local antiques mall a pick up one for a quarter. I used to kid around that I was going to wallpaper my bathroom with Crooner sheet music. I still might do it.


Look kids! It’s variant Crooner sheet music!

A few years back I was wheeling and dealing with a guy in Wisconsin who had a bunch of Ann stuff he was selling. Included on his list was sheet music from The Bachelor’s Daughters which I had never seen before and was really excited about. I ordered that along with a few other items and sent off the check. When the package arrived, there was no music from The Bachelor’s Daughters to be found, but instead one from Crooner. Included was a note stating that while I had ordered the other title, the Crooner music had such a lovely portrait of Ann that he thought I would enjoy it more. I still don’t have that Bachelor’s Daughters piece.

(All photos from www.ebay.com)


  1. artman2112 February 1, 2013

    oh lordy ordering one thing and the seller deciding on his own accord to send something else? i got 4 words for that:


    about a year ago my uncle was looking to buy a collection from some guy and he had a bunch of sheet music but apparently he kept referring to it as “music notes” O_o he has henceforth been known as the “music notes guy” 🙂

    i just posted my first ever solo Ann collectable item, came in last week 🙂

  2. admin February 1, 2013

    We have nicknames for some of the dealers too, though they are not always complimentary!

    Love that photo of Ann, and Glenda Farrell is one that I am fighting the urge to write about next.

  3. artman2112 February 2, 2013

    haha oh yes indeed not always complimentary!

    we have another affectionately known as “The Drool Cup Guy”

    ah yes being a WB guy its required that one love glenda farrell for she is in EVERYTHING haha! Dont fight it! that would be great if you wrote about her next, i’m sure she had an interesting life! she certainly worked with tons of great people!

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