Welcome to AnnDvorak.com 3.0!

This November will mark 15 years (!) since I first launched AnnDvorak.com.  I designed the original site in Microsoft FrontPage and managed to somehow get it online. It was certainly clunky, but I was proud of it. When I started dating my tech-savvy husband in 2006, he gritted his teeth as he admired my handiwork, though later admitted the site looked like something that had been designed in FrontPage by a novice in 2002. A year later, he got me set up on WordPress, and now a full decade has passed! 

This site was always meant to be an all-things-Ann-Dvorak resource, though it has certainly also served as a platform to promote my book Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel. Now that the book has been out for almost 4 years, and my updates come in at a trickle, I wanted to redesign the site to be less about the updates and more about being a reference source. 

The migration to a new theme was much smoother than I expected, though I still have a lot of work to do. I am redesigning all of the pages for each of Ann’s films, along with the ephemera galleries. This requires that everything be rescanned. Plus, I need to scan the hundreds of photos that have never been on this site. I am closing in on 2,000 photos of Ann in my collection, not including all the posters, lobby cards, etc. and I would like to have everything represented here eventually. Since this endeavor is going to take months to complete, I thought it better to have the rough version available rather than sticking it behind a maintenance wall indefinitely. 

I hope you Dvorak Devotees enjoy the new design. Be sure to check in occasionally as I add new images to the site. My collection has gotten so big that I now have the tendency to forget just what I own, so I have enjoyed revisiting the collection as a rescan it. 



  1. KC September 12, 2017

    *2000* photos? I am impressed. You must have quite the storage system. I like how this looks so far. Nice and clean.

  2. Christina Rice September 13, 2017

    Hi KC, Thanks for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it. After some trial and error, I settled on using bags and boards for each individual image and filing them in a two-drawer metal lateral cabinet. Easy to access, and easy to add to (though I still frequently develop piles of new stuff over the months). Thanks again!

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