“This Modern Age” on DVD

The Warner Archive continues its monthly release of uncredited Ann Dvorak M-G-M films by offering This Modern Age, a 1931 feature starring Joan Crawford and Neil Hamilton.

By 1931, the musicals that had become so popular with the advent of sound films were officially out of vogue. M-G-M no longer had much use for Ann’s talents as a chorus girl/choreographer and for some reason, speaking roles were out of the question, so Ann found herself getting cast as an extra in various films. She can be seen at a political rally in Politics, dining at a restaurant in Just a Gigolo, fawning over Robert Montgomery in Our Blushing Brides,  and crashing a party in This Modern Age.

She’s actually fairly prominent in the party crashing sequence and she can also been seen early on in the film, dancing with a gent in another party scene. Joan Crawford was good friends with Ann during this time period and tried to persuade the studio to do more with her, but to no avail. A few short months after appearing in This Modern Age, Ann would put her chorus days behind her by being cast in Scarface.


  1. Rob April 14, 2010

    Hi there-just wanted to share a link with you regarding Ms. Dvorak that you might find of interest-if you scroll just past half-way down there’s a nice article/post about her with some good pictures! Rob

  2. admin April 15, 2010

    Hi Rob, Thanks for passing on the link and thanks for plugging this site on your blog!

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