This Day in Ann Dvorak History

Sky Devils Lobby Card


On January 15, 1932, the film going public was officially introduced to Ann Dvorak when Sky Devils debuted at the United Artists Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, at Broadway & 9th.

She had appeared in three silent films as “Baby Anna Lehr” and could be found hoofing her way through twenty-five or so MGM features and shorts, but this was this first time the name Ann Dvorak appeared in a film credit (she initially worked at MGM under the name Anna Lehr). In actuality, Sky Devils was the second film Ann shot under her newly inked contract with Howard Hughes’ Caddo Company. The release of Ann’s first film, Scarface, would be delayed another two months while Hughes battled with censors. Dvorak’s role as “the inevitable girl”* in this aviation comedy pales in comparison to Cesca Comonte, her tragic character in the classic gangster flick, and it’s unfortunate that Scarface’s censorship issues prevented her career from beginning with a bang.

This concludes This Day in Ann Dvorak History.

*”United Artists Shows Hughes Sky Thriller.” Los Angeles Times, January 17, 1932

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