This Day In Ann Dvorak History: Production Starts on “Murder in the Clouds”

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 242

On August 30, 1934, Ann Dvorak started production on the Warner Bros. feature Murder in the Clouds. It was her sixth and last film with Lyle Talbot.

I’m suffering from Ann Dvorak one-a-day burn-out, so that’s all I have in me for today.


  1. Scott August 30, 2013

    Well, as burn out sets in, know that your efforts on here have been much appreciated. And have, to say with great understatement, been found to be applause-worthy.

    The nervous, worried look on Ann and Lyle’s face in this photo, makes it appear as if they’re going to need to call Chuck Yeager or ‘Sully’ Sullenberger to help get them out of this mess.

  2. admin August 30, 2013

    Someone needs to get them out of this mess!

    Thanks for the kind works. It’s nice to know I’m not playing to an empty house.

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