This Day in Ann Dvorak History: “People Like Us” Does NOT Open at the Court Theatre

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 292

People like us

On October 19, 1949, a staged version of  People Like Us was slated to open at the Court Theatre in New York City. The play, written by Frank Vosper, was to star Ann Dvorak and Sidney Blackmer as real-life accused British murderers Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters. Unfortunately, an inexperienced and corrupt producer, along with some bumpy previews in Canada caused the production to fold before it made it to Broadway. The experience was so traumatic that Ann Dvorak swore off live theater permanently.

I actually go into a great amount of detail about People Like Us  in the book. So yeah, 300 days into the Year of Ann Dvorak and less than three weeks away from the book release and I’m getting a bit lazy here, but thanks for sticking around!

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