This Day in Ann Dvorak History: Parting Ways With Warner Bros.

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 357

On December 23, 1936, gossip grand dame Louella Parsons reported that after a year of battles in and out of the courtroom, Ann Dvorak and Warner Bros. had finally decided to part ways. Ann had spent many months earlier in the year trying to get out of her contract early, but her efforts had been futile. After losing her lawsuit and any attempted appeals, Ann had reluctantly returned after being loaned out to RKO for two film. Perhaps by December Jack Warner felt he had made his point as the victor in the proceedings and reasoned it was a good time to wash his hands of her. Whatever Warner’s motives may have been, it turned out that The Case of the Stuttering Bishop would be Ann Dvorak’s last film under her Warner Bros. contract. Ann’s last day on the Burbank lot was actually December 19th, and when filming wrapped her last paycheck was already cut and handed to her. With that, Ann Dvorak left the place that had been her home away from home for the previous three years.


  1. Vienna December 24, 2013

    We all know how talented Ann was. Obviously Warners thought they had plenty of stars to choose from. Just a pity MGM or Fox didn’t give Ann a long term contract.

  2. admin December 24, 2013

    At that point, I’m not sure Ann would have signed a long term contract with any studio. Would have been nice if someone offered her a choice role!

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