“The Long Night” on TCM

The Long Night is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Friday, March 20th at 8:00pm EST

By the late 1940s, Ann Dvorak had pretty much been relegated to supporting roles. While she generally no longer had the name above the title, these later films gave her the opportunity to play some colorful characters which resulted in memorable performances. In the Long Night she plays an assistant to the domineering magician Maximilian (Vincent Price). She has a soft spot for blue collar Joe (Henry Fonda) whose romance with a fragile girl (Barbara Bel Geddes) causes him to cross the temperamental magician.

Her character, Charlene, is hardened but sympathetic and Ann more than holds her own while sharing the screen with Price and Fonda. She was a naturally talented actress, but always benefited from working with strong directors (Howard Hawks, Mervyn LeRoy, George Cukor) and Anatole Litvak is no exception.

The Long Night is a gritty, but stylish noir thriller, and even though Ann Dvorak does not have a lot of screen time, it’s still worth watching.


  1. tonynoboloney March 20, 2009

    I just finished watching THE LONG NIGHT. What a wonderful movie. Ann Dvorak was absolutely sensational. I had to find out who she was!! I am glad there are people like you who remember stars like her. You do her memory proud, and she lives on. Thank You. Tony

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  3. admin March 22, 2009

    Thanks Tony! It’s great to hear you enjoyed Ann in “The Long Night.” She is always the bright spot in her films.

  4. George Stewart April 25, 2009

    Thanks for all your work. I have been a great fan of Ann’s work since I was a teen watching all the old WB films on WGN in Chicago. I have seen many of her old film on Channel 9 over 30 and 40 years ago. I have even seen and remember the water torture part from the American Spy film. Even in my teens I could see how she just took over with her energy and skill as an actor. My interest came back big time from TCM’s pre-code special. I always wanted to know how such a talent just seemed to go away. Being a history teacher for over 30 years always took me back to the early 1930’s and how Hollywood reflected on the depression. Ann Dvorak was so special in showing the extreems of that difficult time in our past. Betty Davis was at her best in Now Voyager, but Ann Dvorak was always on the mark. If your ever in the Chicago on a book trip I would enjoy attending one of your book signings. Please let me know when your book comes out. Thanks.

  5. admin April 26, 2009

    Hi George – Thanks for sharing your memories of Ann. Yes, she always was on the mark, even if some of her films were not. Hopefully, when the book comes out I will be able to make a visit to the Windy City!


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