“The Crowd Roars” on DVD

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The Crowd Roars is finally available on DVD via the Warner Archive. Directed by the venerable Howard Hawks, this car racing drama is one of only two times Ann was paired up with James Cagney, as well as Joan Blondell. This was also the second and last time Ann worked with Howard Hawks who had launched her career a few months earlier in Scarface. This was also the film where Ann and Warner Bros were introduced to each other. The studio became smitten with the 20-year-old actress and soon purchased her contract from Howard Hughes, a move they soon came to regret.

The Crowd Roars is not Ann’s strongest performance, or film, but anything directed by Howard Hawks with James Cagney and Joan Blondell is worth watching.



  1. artman2112 August 29, 2012

    love that one, its so much fun and Ann and Joan in the same film is almost too much to handle, but i’m willing to risk it 😀 i sure wouldnt mind owning that window card you posted!

  2. admin August 29, 2012

    I wish I had that window card too!

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