“Side Streets” Lobby Card

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 209

Ann Dvorak’s role in Side Streets is one of the smallest of her career. The Warner Bros. feature from 1934 stars Aline MacMahon, who is awesome, and kind of makes up for the absence of Ann. Of all the years I have been collecting Ann Dvorak memorabilia, I have only found two photos from Side Streets and this one lobby card. I am actually surprised she made it onto one of the cards, so I will be grateful for that and end this post here.


  1. Scott July 28, 2013

    How about a tip of our collective hats to the very versatile and underrated Aline MacMahon.

    Awesome she was, also, as Ann’s sexually repressed sister, Olga, in “Heat Lightning”. And could be equally so while being hilarious — as in “Gold Diggers Of 1933” — or touching, as in this one or “The Search”.

  2. admin July 28, 2013

    Agreed! I have sung Aliene’s praises many times on this site. If I ever decide to take on the task of writing another biography, it would probably be her ( though that’s a big IF).

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