“Secret of Convict Lake” on Fox Movie Channel

Secret of Convict Lake is going to air on the Fox Movie Channel on Tuesday, August 10 at 3:00am PST

As is turns out, Turner Classic Movies is not the only channel airing Ann Dvorak flicks these days. Last week, the Bachelor’s Daughters was shown on something called Golden Eagle Broadcasting (GEB) (sorry, I found out about this airing too late to post it here). Now this week, the Fox Movie Channel is airing 1951’s Secret of Convict Lake.

This dark western about a group of escaped convicts who impose their will on an outpost of woman whose husbands are away, stars and impressive ensemble cast, including Glen Ford, Gene Tierney, Ethel Barrymore, Zachary Scott, Ruth Donnelly, and of course, Ann Dvorak. As with most of Ann’s films toward the end of her career, the role is not large but she delivers big. The scenes between Ann and a smarmy Zachary Scott are some of the most memorable in the film.

While Ann would briefly continue with some television work, Secret of Convict Lake capped off film career that spanned over 35 years.

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