“Scarface” on TCM


Scarface is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Friday, September 26 at 5pmPST

Scarface has gotten quite a bit of play on Turner Classic Movies this year and has also been discussed numerous times on this blog over the years. Bottom line: If you have not yet seen it, watch it! Scarface is arguably Ann Dvorak’s most important role and her best film, and you will get no arguments from me on those two points. Throw in flawless directing by Howard Hawks, Paul Muni’s over-the-top but enjoyable performance, George Raft’s iconic coin flipping, Karen Morley’s angry eyebrow plucking, and Boris Karloff being his adorable self and how could you possibly go wrong?


  1. mike September 27, 2014

    and Three On A Match showed up later in the evening. It was good to hear Robert Osborne and Alec Baldwin discuss both films as part of TCM’s Friday nite September Showcase on pre-code Hollywood. “She should have been a bigger star” said Robert at one point.

  2. admin September 30, 2014

    For some reason, Three on a Match slipped under my radar, but hopefully people stuck around after Scarface!

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