Sacrificed Photo – “Masquerade in Mexico” Behind the Scenes

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 147

Two weeks ago, I purchased a box of Ann’s personal possessions which included a scrapbook of photos from her travels with first husband Leslie Fenton, and a handful from her later years. My publisher, the University Press of Kentucky, was good enough to let me include some of these photos even though we are well into the production phase. However, because the price point had already been set based on the number of photos already submitted, I could not added any more images but could only switch them out.

I ended up using six photos from the collection, which means I needed to axe an equal amount. This is one of the sacrificed photos, showing Ann behind the scenes of the Paramount feature Masquerade in Mexico. The film is not one of my favorites, but I love the photo. Ann looks absolutely flawless, and since her costumes are completely outlandish in the film, I like that she’s in full hair and make-up but is wearing casual clothes. Well, casual clothes and a fur coat.

I’m sorry this one is not going in the book, but I think it was worth it in order to include some of the photos from Ann’s personal collection.

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