Remembering Ann

Today marks what would have been Ann Dvorak’s 111th birthday. This year also marks my 25th year of collecting on and researching Ann. I could have never imagined back then that this woman who I never met could have such a profound impact on the course of my life, but she has and I am grateful for it. Happy Birthday to the Divine Miss D!


  1. marcello donadello October 23, 2022

    “I could have never imagined (…) such a profound impact on the course of my life”.
    Weeeeell: can you imagine that YOUR work is having a big impact on someone else’s life, all over the world, now?!?
    Amazing site, amazing book, amazing and contagious passion: all the best, Christina; a big grateful kiss from Italy.


  2. Christina Rice November 15, 2022

    Thanks Marcello, much appreciated!

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