Pre-Code Dvorak Goodies at NYC’s Film Forum

I was born and raised in Southern California, and while I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles, I usually can’t imagine myself living anywhere else. Occasionally, I wish I could live in New York City, and that desire usually coincides with what’s playing at the Film Forum theater. On July 15th, they will be launching four glorious weeks of Pre-Code programming and every print will be 35mm. There are four Ann Dvorak films being screened, which are:

Scarface: July 23-25

The Strange Love of Molly Lovain: August 3

Three on a Match: August 4

Heat Lightning: August 9 (same day as TCM’s Summer Under the Stars tribute)

There are also plenty of non-Dvorak goodies being screened, so if you live in the area, please indulge and let me envy you!

Full “Essential Pre-Code” schedule is here.


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