Post #300 – Ann Dvorak & Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in “Love is a Racket”

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 300

Yipes, I have actually made it through 300 consecutive days of blogging about Ann Dvorak. The next 65 should be a breeze (I hope). I am getting ready to take the toddler to a Halloween party, so today is a quickie.

This is a recently acquired photo of Ann Dvorak & Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in Love is a Racket. It’s a beautiful image but what really struck me about the it is that it appears to be un-retouched, which is unusual for studio issued photos. Ann had a mole above her upper left lip, which was almost always air-brushed out of photos and it’s clearly visible.

Yes, after spending the last 15 years with Ann, these are the ridiculous things I notice.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Paulie October 27, 2013

    nice photo! i enjoyed that film!

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