“Our Blushing Brides” on TCM

Our Blushing Brides is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Thursday, January 2nd at 9:00pm PST.

Creepers, no rest for the wicked huh? I finally get through 365 consecutive posts about Ann Dvorak and cannot get a break even for one day! Joan Crawford, one time mentor to Ann Dvorak, is TCM’s star of the month and they’re kicking it off tomorrow with some of Joan’s early titles, including Our Blushing Brides.

Ann was under contract at MGM at the time, but had only been employed as a chorus girl and assistant choreographer. She longed to break out of the chorus and Joan tried to help with that. Unfortunately, the most the studio was willing to throw Ann were extra parts like the one in Our Blushing Brides where Ann spends mere moments fawning over Robert Montgomery with four other gals.

If you watch this one, don’t blink or you might miss her!


  1. Scott January 1, 2014

    Aww, come on! Another 365 can’t be that hard. Can it?

    An AD film on TCM that doesn’t air at 4:50 am? Hooray!

    Always thought Robert Montgomery was likable enough, but kind of wooden in a lot of his performances. His best, by far, was in John Ford’s “They Were Expendable” — where he was billed as ‘Comdr. U.S.N.R.’ for his WW2 Navy service — and where he was probably just playing himself.

    He was quoted as saying “If you are lucky enough to be a success, by all means enjoy the applause and the adulation of the public. But never, never believe it.”

  2. admin January 1, 2014

    Nooooo!!!! No more consecutive posts!

    Unfortunately, Ann’s in this one for around 3 seconds, so I hope you like Joan Crawford.

    Personally, I love Robert Montgomery though it’s possible he was cast in more drab roles than Ann-D. If you’ve never seen “The Big House,” I highly recommend it. Montgomery is excellent, along with Chester Morris and Wallace Beery.

  3. Scott January 3, 2014

    Joan was actually quite good as the shop girl Cinderella. Even, dare I say, kind of endearing. (gulp).

    The resemblance between the JC and AD of that period is noted again.

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