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Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 150

Dvorak Cover 002

On Tuesday I posted one of the photos I submitted for the book cover which was not selected. Since there was an interest in seeing the rest of them and I need to write another 200+ posts this year, I figured I would go ahead and spend the next few days sharing the rest of the portraits that were passed over by the publisher.

This one is actually from the same session as Tuesday’s portrait which was taken in early 1932. The pose is more serious than the other one, but I still think it captures Ann and she looks lovely. However, now that I am looking at it, the shadow almost makes her look like she has a black eye, which may be one of many reasons why is was not chosen.


  1. Scott May 30, 2013

    Looks like she’s wearing the same top she has on in the first ‘rejected book cover photo’ from day 148.

    Taken, then, at the same sitting?

    Quite the contrast in moods being projected.

  2. admin May 30, 2013

    Yup, it’s from the same sitting. Guess I am partial to it!

  3. Scott May 30, 2013

    It is with no small measure of chagrin and embarrassment that I note the answer to the query in my previous response had been right there, all along, in the text accompanying Day 150.

    ** sigh! **

    In any case, having looked at it again, this photo, here, seems to project a wistful countenance or mood by the subject. Which would, therefore, have not been too wildly out of place as the cover photo of the story of a gifted artist who, for a number of different factors, never attained the stardom her talent warranted.

  4. admin May 30, 2013

    With a photo like that of Ann, who wants to bother with reading text?! I think it’s a lovely image that reflects her much more than the photo used on the cover of the book. However, sultry sells so this one we’ll just need to enjoy here.

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