“Merrily We Live” on TCM

Merrily We Live is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Wednesday, January 23rd at 2:45pm EST.

This 1938 Hal Roach Studios comedy stars Constance Bennett as the spoiled socialite whose zany family takes in a successful author (Brian Aherne) as their chauffeur when they mistake him for a tramp in need of assistance. Ann Dvorak appears in a very brief role as a senator’s daughter who has the hots for Aherne.Although Merrily We Live is pretty much a My Man Godfrey remake (and not as good), it is still a lot of fun and definitely worth watching. Billie Burke received her only Oscar nomination for playing the scatterbrained family matriarch and she is a joy to watch.

Ann Dvorak does not have a whole lot to do, but makes the most of her minor role as a high society hussy. Her name in this one is Minerva Harlan which gets my vote as ‘Best Moniker For an Ann Dvorak Character” (Miss Beulah Boyd, her name in Friends of Mr. Sweeney, is a close second). Ann’s hair and clothing in Merrily We Live is fairly hideous, but she still manages to look beautiful.

This film is definitely a crowd pleaser, so enjoy!


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