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Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 351


As we enter the home stretch of the Year of Ann Dvorak, it’s nice to know that the reviews and features on Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel continue to roll in and continue to be extremely positive. Today’s offering is courtesy of the The Daily Mirror blog run by Los Angeles Times editor and sometimes columnist Larry Harnisch who has a taste for all things relating to L.A. history. Larry is also a big fan of the Los Angeles Public Library, and even profiled guest blogger and map librarian Glen Creason in the newspaper last year. I was thrilled when he offered to do a write up on his blog about Ann (and even picked up the tab at lunch).

Harnish is a fellow research junkie, so the bulk of our conversation revolved around the quest to find Ann Dvorak. However, he also went that extra step of purchasing and reading the book, so the end result is part feature/part book review. I especially appreciate his comments about my writing not being too academic, and the book not containing superfluous information, which were a couple of things I was very conscious about and tried to avoid.

The full piece can be found here.

Also, even though there are only 14 posts left in the Year of Ann Dvorak, if anyone is still interested in being a guest blogger, please let me know!




  1. Mike December 17, 2013

    Like the infamous shot of Frances Farmer upper left corner.

    Lunch and a writeup from Larry Harnish! Another coup for the “ann dvorak lady”. Noir fans are still waiting for Larry’s book about the Black Dahlia. His website devoted to the case and appearance in the movie “James Ellroy’s Feast of Death” is must reading/viewing.

    Did enjoy the video from the other day.

    And not intending to take thunder from some future post, but I see that Joan Crawford is TCM’s Star of the Month for January. I’ve had a chance to glance thru the TCM schedule, and see we will have the opportunity to play “let’s spot Ann” a handful of times – including Hollywood Revue of 1929, the subject of yesterday’s post.

  2. admin December 17, 2013

    Larry swears the Dahlia book is forthcoming. I know of many people who are anxiously awaiting it.

    The “Hollywood Revue” airing will get a mention, though come January I will be freed of my self imposed post-a-day regiment!

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