“Heat Lightning” on TCM

Heat Lightning is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Friday, April 18th at 11:15am EST.

Heat Lightning is one of my favorite Ann Dvorak movies, so I am really excited this little seen pre-code gem is being aired. The tale of two sisters running a gas station/rest-stop in the middle of nowhere was directed by Mervyn Leroy, who brought us the glorious Three on a Match, and costars Aline MacMahon. Ann’s role as Myra is relatively small compared to Aline’s, but it’s more substantial than most of her other 1934 Warner Brothers appearances (Gentlemen Are Born, I Sell Anything), and she has a great meltdown scene towards the end. Filmed on location in Victorville in late November of 1933, the strong supporting cast includes Preston Foster , Warner regulars Glenda Farrell, Lyle Talbot, Ruth Donnelly and Frank McHugh, as well as Jane Darwell and Edgar Kennedy. It’s fantastic.

I don’t know if TCM has ever shown Heat Lightning (my old copy is from a TNT airing), so this is one Ann Dvorak screening not to be missed!


  1. Anna April 16, 2008

    Hi Christine

    It’s Anna from The Crowd Roars blog. I haven’t had the time to keep up my own blog for a very long time but am very happy that you’ve done this one. I read that you’re planning on starting a biography on Ann – good for you and I do hope you follow it through!

    I’m in the UK (though I am American too!) If there’s any help I could offer from way over here feel free to drop me a line and I’d be happy to oblige (I’m a postgrad student so might be of some small use research-wise). I’ve only seen a small section of her films so far, but I’m trying to get through more and I’m a big fan myself. I’d love to see a biography on this actress!

    Please keep up the good work!

  2. admin April 16, 2008

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I hope you will be able to continue adding articles to your blog. I really enjoyed your take on “Molly Louvain.”

    Thanks for the offer I research assistance. I might need to take you up on that to verify info from the War Years.

    Take care.

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