“Heat Lightning” on TCM

Heat Lightning is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Saturday, March 13th at 10:45pm PST.

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  1. artman2112 March 9, 2010

    i LOVE that film! so off beat, and such a great cast! and good god was Ann gorgeous in those early 30’s WB pictures! the first time i saw this film was when TCM did their first ever uncensored hollywood fest back in about 1997 i think. i saw a whole slew of great pre-code flicks that month, but heat lightning remains a fave!

    btw how difficult is it to find an Ann Dvorak autograph??? i have so many Warner stars sigs but i realy want to add hers to my collection someday.

    feel free to e-mail me if you wish – artman@pivot .net

  2. admin March 9, 2010

    Heat Lightning is also one of my favorite Ann-D flicks. Glad to see TCM is airing it.

    Ann’s signature is pretty easy to come by. A cut or album page shouldn’t cost more than $15.

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