Happy Birthday Ann Dvorak!


Remembering our favorite gal on what would have been her 104th birthday. Here’s a pic of Ann during her 1932 European honeymoon with Leslie Fenton from her personal scrapbook.


  1. Scott Brinson August 2, 2015

    Well, the Universe led me to check in on this particular day of all possible days…Happy Birthday Ann, you live on!!!!!!!!

  2. admin August 2, 2015

    And around 5 minutes after I posted this. Ann has a hold on all of us!

  3. Robert Sieger February 22, 2016

    Just curious — and I think I am on the wrong page/thread here — regarding the description of Dvorak and Wade: “The couple resided in both Honolulu, Hawaii and Malibu, California, traveled and amassed an impressive collection of rare books”. This somehow does NOT match the impoverished last years of Dvorak (and her own mother, for whom she would presumably have cared) in the 1970s, that is so poignantly described in the Dvorak biography excerpts online. Also, is it true she died of stomach cancer? I thought I read that somewhere but now am not sure. Thanks, RMS

  4. Christina Rice February 23, 2016

    Hi Robert, I assume you’re referring to the “Biography” page on this website, which is more a bullet-point rundown of Ann’s life. Ann and Nick did do all of those things, so they’re not untrue, but they’re relationship and its fallout for Ann are far too complex to discuss on the Bio page. Fortunately, the book does provide and in-depth account of their marriage and Ann’s final years. And yes, she did die of stomach cancer. Thanks for reading!

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