Guest Blogger Daniel Nauman on “A Woman Like Ann”

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 39

I am in the final stages of preparing the manuscript to submit to University Press of Kentucky. I have been contending with corrupted computer files and lost photos in the mail (weepy post on those to come soon), so I was extremely grateful to today’s gust blogger, Daniel Nauman, for a couple of reasons; 1) for taking care of today’s post, so I can concentrate on getting the damn thing done, and 2) for referring to me as a Bettie Page lookalike. I haven’t heard that since pregnancy and thyroid cancer wreaked havoc on my body, so you’re a saint in my eyes Daniel!

I am also thankful to Daniel for making my job extra super easy by uploading his Ann Dvorak post to his own blog, The Strange Loves of Daniel Nauman. So, if ya don’t mind, I am now gonna send you on over to Daniel’s site, as he talks about what the Divine Miss D means to him.

To wrap things up, here’s a bit about Daniel in his own words:

I’m an artist once and a writer now in the wilds of the Mother Lode. Interests include all Californiana—especially roads and radio—and my Rosa giganteas at our Rancho Notorious. I have about a half dozen novels overloading my mental hard drive—and I’m exploring daily observances, my past and the spirits of the past untold in my new blog The Strange Loves of Daniel Nauman.

Thanks again Daniel!



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