“Girls of the Road” on TCM

Girls of the Road is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Thursday, October 8 at 11:15pm PST.

I love this film. It has everything one would expect from a movie called Girls of the Road. Yes, there’s girls and they’re on the road. They’re angry, distrustful, and hard. They get thrown in jail, turn on each other, and sometimes make bad decisions like spending money on a wedding gown instead of a train ticket out west. Lola Lane is a hard-ass, Helen Mack is weary but hopeful, and Ann Doran is kind of a hag. Ann Dvorak is their savior as the governor’s daughter who sets out to understand the plight of the female hobo by pretending to be one of them. She hits the road in a sparkling white overcoat and it’s downhill from there.

Girls of the Road was one of three films Ann made for Columbia in 1939/40 (Blind Alley and Cafe Hostess were the others). It’s only about an hour long, but packs in a lot, and who can resist lady tramps? Still not sold? Check out this endorsement on TCM’s Movie Morlocks.

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  1. Christina October 12, 2009

    Thanks for the link to the TCM page.

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