Gearing Up For Ann Dvorak Day

This is not the only website paying tribute to Ann Dvorak in the days leading up to August 9th, when Turner Classic Movies devotes a full twenty four hours programming to her. As we get closer to the 3:00am PST kick-off of 1932’s Crooner, more and more Dvorak love is popping up elsewhere. Here are some other sites getting ready for Ann Dvorak Day.

Alternative Film Guide – Andre Soares, who interviewed me about AD a while back, takes a two-part look at the films being aired.

Carole & Company: Reflections on Carole Lombard and Classic Hollywood – A brief and nicely illustrated look at AD’s life and career with some added perspective on Lombard’s Pre-Code years.

Classic Movie Search – Cliff Aliperti who also runs Immortal Ephemera and an awesome Warren William tribute site is also eagerly awaiting Ann Dvorak Day. – Paula Guthat at the Examiner’s Detroit site runs down this week’s Summer Under the Stars line-up, including Ann Dvorak Day.

The Landmark Report – Kristina Dijan takes a closer look at the AD classic Three on a Match.

If you know of any other sites devoting some space to Ann for her big day tomorrow, please leave a comment or email me – christina at anndvorak dot com.

Enjoy Ann Dvorak Day tomorrow!


  1. Cliff Aliperti August 8, 2011

    Gee whiz, Christina, thanks so much for the triple-link! And to think I was about to Tweet the Classic Movie Search link over to you.

    After the AD TCM dust clears I may have to follow Andre’s lead and request an interview with you myself.

    Enjoy the spotlight with Ann tomorrow, here’s hoping 51% DVR capacity does the trick!

  2. Paul August 9, 2011

    my dvd burner is humming right along 😉

  3. admin August 9, 2011

    My pleasure Cliff. No good Ann Dvorak mention shall go unnoticed by me!

    Bumped up the DVR storage to 55%. That’s gotta do it.

    Always happy to blather on about the Divine Miz D whenever you are ready.

  4. Lisa Hogg August 9, 2011

    So proud of you – you are an inspiration! Ann would have loved you! Little Gable has a lot to look up to. My dvr is set – gotta find out what all the love has been about for so long….. 🙂

  5. admin August 9, 2011

    Awwwww, thanks Lisa. We’ll need to get together soon and discuss all the Dvorak films you’re about to watch! 😉

  6. William Cranford August 10, 2011

    I heard AD did a night time soap on TV in the 70’s. Is this true and what was it? Loved the 24 hours on tcm.

  7. admin August 10, 2011

    Hi William,

    I have never heard of Ann doing any sort of acting after 1952. Where did you hear about the show in the 1970s?


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