“G Men” on TCM

‘G’ Men is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Thursday, January 10th at 1:15am EST.

This 1935 FBI drama with James Cagney playing on the right side of the law was the second and (alas) last time he was paired with Ann Dvorak (the first being The Crowd Roars). Even though Margaret Lindsay is the main love interest, Dvorak’s character who pines for Cagney but settles for thug Barton MacLane is a much more interesting role. Her introduction as a night club singer/dancer who flirts with Cagney while performing “You Bother Me an Awful Lot” is a great showcase of her musical talents. Her cold-blooded murder and death scene remind us why she was touted as the next big thing in 1932.

Even though her role is not a big one, Ann Dvorak is a definite presence in ‘G’ Men and the film demonstrates what she was capable of as an actress when given the chance. Her 20+ year career was comprised of many mediocre films, so ‘G’ Men is one of the few highlights (and one of the few Dvorak titles available on DVD).


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