“Friends of Mr. Sweeney” Lobby Cards

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 113

Ann Dvorak made A LOT of movies in 1934. When she returned from her unauthorized 8-month honeymoon in March of 1933, Warner Bros. let her sit and stew for a long while before they cast her in anything. Once they did put her back to work, they meant business and Ann made eleven movies between September 1933 and the end of 1934.

For some of these movies, I have found very little memorabilia. Take Housewife and Midnight Alibi for example, where I only have a handful of photos. For others, like Friends of Mr. Sweeney, I have found quite a few lobby cards, and fortunately Ann is on most of them.

Unfortunately, Friends of Mr. Sweeney is far from my favorite Ann Dvorak film. In fact, I have only watched it twice; when I first got my hands on a copy and then in order to write about it for the book. Ann is actually really cute in it, and the flighty Beulah Boyd is a bit of a departure from her usual stoic characters. Still, the over all film is not particularly strong, but at least the lobby cards are pretty.

If I am remembering correctly, I purchased all of these in one fell swoop at an online Bruce Hershenson auction. That would be the only explanation why I would have a card from this movie without Ann on it, even if it is a pretty card.

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