First Ever Ann Dvorak Lecture This Sunday in Downtown Los Angeles

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 322

Dvorak Cover 001

I have talked about Ann Dvorak A LOT over the years. There have even been times when I have held court at social gatherings, relaying tales of the Divine Miz D. However, I have never presented a formal talk about her with an audience. That is going to change this Sunday. On November 24th at 12pm, I will be one of two presenters at the Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA) Sunday Salon at Les Noces du Figaro in downtown Los Angeles.

I am focusing the talk around my experiences researching and writing a book on Ann while weaving in her story. Am I nervous? Hell yes, mainly because I am going on after a woman who will be talking about being raised in burlesque. How am I supposed to follow something as awesome as that? I will do my best. I will also be doing a book signing sponsored by the good folks over at Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

Don’t forget that for the remainder of the day I am taking questions over at the Silver Screen Oasis.

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