Dvorak in Living Color

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 143


Ann Dvorak was not a big star, so she did not appear in big budget movies. This means she never made any films in color, except for the early two-color Technicolor titles at MGM when she was a chorus girl. She was seldom photographed in color as well, and in 15 years of collecting on Ann, I have only seen a handful of color shots.

This is one I found on eBay a few years back. Since Ann is sporting the titian tresses,and judging by the hairstyle, it’s probably from around 1947 when she was filming The Private Affairs of Bel Ami. I think she looks quite regal in this image.  Ann was a chronic sun-worshiper so it’s unusual for her to look so pale, though she also looks absolutely flawless.

It’s really too bad we never got to see her in glorious 3-strip Technicolor.


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