Dvorak & Fenton Sitting Ringside

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 59

Ann Dvorak and Leslie Fenton were regarded as one of Hollywood’s oddest couples and were often described as recluses because they lived on an isolated walnut ranch in the San Fernando Valley. When they built their home, they deliberately made it too small to accommodate house guests! As much as they may have wanted the public and film community to think of them as hermits, they were occasionally spotted at the Brown Derby or Ambassador Hotel and could frequently be found at the boxing matches.

Boxing was a sport that many celebs of the day enjoyed, and the Fentons were no exception. They had season tickets and made the trek from Encino to Hollywood almost weekly, unless they had been working during the day. In this particular photo from 1935, Ann is wearing a coat from Sweet Music and what appears to be a dress from  G’ Men, so it’s possible she had gone to the fights directly from the studio.

This is an image I like a lot  because even after three years of marriage and being together nonstop, Ann still gazes at her husband like a wistful school girl (while two guys pummel each other a few feet away).

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  1. artman2112 March 3, 2013

    haha or maybe she was pilfering the WB costume dept?

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