Dvorak Biography Progress Report #3

I just realized it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I posted an update on the progress of the Ann Dvorak biography. Right after I wrote the last report in October, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. While I was spared the horrors of morning sickness, I was unable to stay awake past 7:30pm on most days during the first trimester, and had to put Ann-D on hold. During the remainder of the pregnancy, I did manage to write a couple more chapters.  I have finally gotten into Ann’s tenure at Warner Bros. which means I have lots of movies to watch to refresh my memory.

In recent  months, I have discovered more about the career of Ann’s father in the early 1920s, and spent an afternoon at USC accessing primary documents from her M-G-M days. I now need to go back and add this info into previous chapters. In the waning days of my pregnancy, I finally made the trek to Norwalk to visit the Registrar Recorder and discovered some new information about Miss D via real estate records. I’ve been with Ann for almost 13 years, and the research is never ending!

My daughter, Gable, was born in early June and has proven to be two full time jobs. I still have another month of maternity leave, and now that I am getting the hang of this mother thing, I hope to get a couple more chapters in before I go back to work, but that could be a supremely naive statement.

Thanks to everyone who has sent kind words of encouragement. It’s always great to know there are fans out there who are interested in reading a full length biography on Ann Dvorak. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I slowly work my way through Ann’s story. No one wants this book to be done more than me, but life has a way of altering the best laid plans. In this case it has been a good thing!


  1. marshell August 6, 2010

    Congrats on the birth of you daughter.what a doll baby. Good luck with the book

  2. admin August 7, 2010

    Thank you!


  3. Christina August 21, 2010

    Congrats on the new baby!
    Can’t wait for the book!

  4. admin August 22, 2010

    Thanks Christina!

  5. Kelly November 6, 2010

    Congrats on the baby.

    I can hear her a couple of years from now, saying, “Mommy? A biography of ANN DVORAK, really…ANN DVORAK?”

  6. admin November 7, 2010

    Either that or she’ll be saying “Seriously Mommy, when are you going to FINALLY finish that Ann Dvorak bio?”

    Thanks for the well wishes!

  7. Carl Belfiori February 16, 2011

    I remember seeing movies with Ann Dvorak . I had a sister who who resembled AD and we used to tease her about it. I was just a child then but Ann was one of my favorite actors,I think because she almost always played someone down on her luck and I felt sorry for her.

  8. admin February 17, 2011

    Hi Carl, Thanks for sharing your memories of Ann. Your sister must have been lovely.


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