DVDless Dvorak Films, Part 1: Massacre

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 19

The availability of Ann Dvorak’s films has grown exponentially since I first discovered her in 1995. At that time, I saw Three on a Match, Scarface, G Men…and nothing else for a couple of years until Turner Classic Movies did as tribute to Ann in the fall of 1997. Nowadays, a decent chunk of her filmography is readily available, largely due to the efforts of the Warner Archive, but there are still quite a few I would love to see on DVD.

So, I have committed to posting about Ann every day this year, so that’s a lot of content to come up with. After composing ten film recommendations in two posts, I realized I stupidly blew a chance to have 10 separate posts. Therefore, brace yourself for the next few days as we explore DVDless Dvorak films.

Up first is a film I have brought up on a few occasions which is the 1934 Warner Bros. feature Massacre starring Richard Barthelmess and Ann Dvorak as Native Americans fighting injustice on a Reservation. It’s not a ground breaking part for Ann who plays the supportive love interest, a role she played countless times, but it’s an interesting film overall and one I have been able to watch multiple times.

Likelihood of a DVD Release: A little bird recently told me that this one is in the can and on its way very soon!


  1. artman2112 January 19, 2013

    only WB would even dream of making a film like that and it’s def worth more than one look! plus its a rare chance to see Robert Barratt play a decent guy for once 😀

    thanks to my lovely Toshiba DVD burner i am way ahead of the market regarding dvd availability of this film 🙂

  2. admin January 19, 2013

    Yeah, I have my DVR copy to, but I always make a point to still buy them when they come out, to be supportive and encourage them to release the ones I don’t have!

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