“Dr. Socrates” on TCM

Dr. Socrates is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Saturday, October 10th at 9:15 PST.

Before we have time to recover from TCM’s Thursday screening of the glorious Girls of the Road, we are treated to another dose of Ann Dvorak on Saturday night with Dr. Socrates. This 1935 drama starring Paul Muni was the second and last time Ann shared the screen with the actor.  He’s a doctor trying to make a name for himself  in a small town. She’s the hitchhiker he takes a fancy to. They inadvertently get mixed up with a bunch of gangsters and hilarity does not ensue.

This is another one of those films I have not seen in a long time, so I don’t have too much say about it other than it’s far less memorable than their first pairing in 1932’s gangster masterpiece, Scarface. Still, any Ann-D is better than no Ann-D, so enjoy!


  1. Colleen October 10, 2009

    I looked up Ann and found your site! In one hour I will be watching her with Mr Paul Muni in Dr Socrates and I cant wait. Thanks for having a site for Ann.

  2. admin October 10, 2009

    Thanks Colleen. Enjoy the film!


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