“Crooner” On TCM


Crooner is going to air on Turner Classic Movies on Friday, March 6th at 5:30am PST.

Crooner is a fun little film. True, it’s not earth shattering, Ann is underutilized, and the ending is a bit unsatisfying, but it’s still watchable. Plus, it’s not yet available on DVD, so if you’ve had an interest check it out!




  1. mike March 6, 2015

    Hi Christina. Hope all is well.

    A part of Guy Kibbee day at TCM. I did vcr and will be watching sometime this week.

    Enjoyed the little essay on “housewife”.

  2. artman2112 March 13, 2015

    haha i have that same card! actually i think i have it because you already had it and therefore i didnt have to bid against you!
    btw and im sorry it took me so long to tell you but i did finally read your amazing bio of our dear Ann…. honestly it was hard to put down, i really found her fascinating and you presented her story very well indeed. thanks!!
    I also just caught you on TCM the other day, wow you’re becoming quite the celebrity huh? good for you!!!!

  3. admin March 13, 2015

    Hi Mike – Did you get around to watching it? Thanks for checking in!

  4. admin March 13, 2015

    Hey Paulie – Long time no hear! Yes, that would be exactly why you own that card. 😉 Happy to hear you enjoyed the book. It’s always a little nerve wracking when the Ann-fans read it. Gosh, that TCM spot was shot 7 years ago! I am always amazed how often they run that every year.

  5. artman2112 March 14, 2015

    7 years ago? wow how is it i never saw it until the other day haha! well regardless it was fun seeing you on the TV! i loved your book and have already referred to it several times for Ann fact checking! thank you for doing so right by her, i’m sure she would have been both honored and amazed that you have taken such an intense interest in telling her story 😀

  6. admin March 14, 2015

    I like to think she would be happy, but a part of me also thinks she would have been very irritated by all my prying.

    Now that you’ve seen the TCM piece once, you’ll realize just how often they run it! Every year I hear from numerous people. Just in case you want to watch it over and over. www.anndvorak.com/cms/christina-interviewed-by-tcm/

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