Collection Spotlight: “Stranger in Town” Insert

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 47

Stranger in Town is a pretty weak film and Ann’s talents are utterly wasted. Still, I am an Ann Dvorak completest who especially love inserts, the movie posters that measure 14″ by 36″, so this is actually one of my favorite pieces in the collection. The film and insert are from 1932, so it’s the oldest large form paper I own. Since I bought it 10 years ago, I sometimes forget how cool it is, even though the film does not have “5 times the laffs with this 5 star cast.”


  1. artman2112 February 16, 2013

    those chic sales films wear thin pretty fast….if i recall this is the one that he actually appears in the beginning at his normal age yes? nice insert tho, i am also fond of that style poster and have a bunch around the house but none as early as this one i’m sad to say 🙁 and agreed that film gave Ann absolutely nothing to do, but as usual she gave something to the role that goes beyond its 2 dimensional nature.

  2. admin February 16, 2013

    Yes, I do believe he appears “young” at the beginning of this yarn. Some of Ann’s flirty scenes with Manners are cute, but overall – bleck!

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