Collection Spotlight: Sky Devils Lobby Card

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 29

As I have already mentioned, Sky Devils is far from my favorite Ann Dvorak movie. However, how gorgeous is this lobby card? Now that I think about it, this is the earliest Dvorak lobby card that I own. Even though Scarface was made before Sky Devils, the former’s censorship issues delayed its release, causing Sky Devils to be the first film to appear in theaters that bore the name “Ann Dvorak.” And no, I do not own any cards from Scarface as it is one of the few Dvorak films that commands high prices.

I am polishing up the manuscript and recovering from a week-long family road trip, so this abbreviated post is all I have in me today.


  1. artman2112 January 29, 2013

    yeah i bet Scarface paperware is quite pricey indeed! this card is lovely tho!

  2. admin January 29, 2013

    One day, after my daughter is done with college, I will own a Scarface lobby card!

  3. DickP January 29, 2013

    are you looking for Original or Reprint?

  4. admin January 29, 2013

    I’m a movie memorabilia snob and only want originals. 😀

  5. artman2112 January 29, 2013

    no not a snob, a conniseur 🙂 and i know i didnt spell that right! i nabbed my first ann LC off ebay tonight…i wonder if you were aware of it or watching it?

  6. admin January 29, 2013

    Oh, I check ebay at least 5 times a day! After 15 years of collecting on Ann, there’s not too much getting listed that I don’t already own.

  7. artman2112 January 30, 2013

    i nabbed 2 LC’s for Bright Lights, one features a great shot of Ann, Joe and Patricia Ellis, the other is a shot of Joe during one of those drunk balcony skits. i found them by searching for bright lights, which i had never done before. just a fluke but it paid off. neither Ann nor Pat were listed in the auction title. i’ll post them when they get here 😀 is she the only person you collect on?

  8. admin January 30, 2013

    Is this the card?

    Yeah, I only collect on Ann, and her mom which is pretty limited.

  9. artman2112 January 30, 2013

    haha yup! no fair, yours is in better shape! just kidding, i couldnt be happier with that card and cant wait for it to get here! my fave Joe E film, my first Ann LC and Mrs Artman so lovingly displayed in my all time fave gown she ever wore *sigh*

  10. […] The ever brave Christina Rice, she behind the biography Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel, admits that she’s seen this movie twice, the poor woman. (Which I can imagine is the only thing worse than making this movie twice!) She has two entries on it, one being a review that can be summed in the word “disdainful” and the other is showing off a lobby card from the film she managed to acquire. […]

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