Christina Interviewed by a Movie Morlock

Christmas has come early for me this year! Not only is Turner Classic Movies running 24 hours of Ann Dvorak programming on August 9th, but an interview with me about Ann has been posted on TCM’s Movie Morlocks blog.

A couple months back, Richard Harland Smith contacted me because he was writing a programming article on Ann’s 1934 flick Massacre, and was looking for additional information. He was the first one to break the news to me that Ann was getting her own day for the annual “Summer Under the Stars” festival. I’m not sure if he found my reaction to be delightfully enthusiastic or freakishly amusing, but he soon offered to interview me for the Morlocks blog about Ann Dvorak Day.

I cannot thank him enough for allowing me to be part of Ann Dvorak Day and I hope you enjoy the interview!


  1. Christina August 6, 2011

    Very cool. 🙂

  2. Richard Harland Smith August 13, 2011

    It was my pleasure.

  3. admin August 13, 2011


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