Calendar Now Available For Your Ann Dvorak Event Planning

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 250

I have added a calendar to the site which will hopefully be chalked full of events promoting Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel

There’s a link to the event calendar on the sidebar under “Pages” and the bottom of the sidebar will list upcoming events. There’s also an option to subscribe to the calendar if you’re paranoid you might miss out on something.

Right now, I just have the book release and the launch party listed, but there are more L.A. events to be posted soon. I am also hoping the calendar will soon list 2014 appearances in Chicago, Boston, and Pittsburgh, but those are still in the works.

If the Dvorak loyal will find it useful, I can also list upcoming airings of her films on TCM. Let me know if that’s of interest.

We’re officially at less than two months until D(vorak)-Day, so let the event planning begin!

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