“Cafe Hostess” on DVD


On August 5th, Cafe Hostess, the 1939 Columbia feature starring Preston Foster, Wynn Gibson, and our darling Ann Dvorak is going to be available as part of the Sony Pictures Choice Collection series (meaning burn on demand).

I am actually really excited for this one. It’s one of Ann’s few starring roles and my copy of Cafe Hostess is so poor that I am sure my previous viewing experiences were greatly diminished because of that. Yes, it’s definitely a B-picture and not as good as Ann’s other two Columbia titles (Blind Alley and Girls of the Road), but it’s enjoyable enough and as I recall, Ann’s scenes with Wynn Gibson are especially good.

Cafe Hostess is currently listed for pre-order on Amazon and I have received confirmation from the Warner Archive that they will be offering it on their site as well.



  1. Scott Brinson August 1, 2014

    awesome news, thank you! I’ve gotten almost every Ann movie I have from Warner Archive – they rock!

  2. admin August 1, 2014

    I am right there with ya!

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