Biography Progress Report #33: Marketing and More Marketing

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 301


We are now one week out from the release of Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel!  The book may be done and printed, but I’ve been incredibly busy the past couple of weeks getting my marketing ducks in a row.

In addition to the pieces at Immortal Ephemera and TCM’s Movie Morlocks, there are two more online interviews coming up soon.  I did two recorded radio interviews last week which should be airing any time now, and spent over 3 hours being filmed for a segment produced by L.A.’s transportation authority. As it turns out, writing a book about an obscure Hollywood actress on the subway after having a baby is a pretty nice news hook. On top of all that, my buddy Chris Nichols over at Los Angeles Magazine was good enough to plug the book launch party in the November issue (see above).

Later on this week, I should have a major marketing announcement which I have had to keep under my hat for a few months now. Looking forward to finally share that good news!


  1. Mike October 28, 2013

    A few days late with my congrats on getting a tangible copy of your decade plus labor of love.

    Loved the photo of the mountain of books in front of poster from Ann’s final film.

    Ann had a small mole above her left lip? Uh, let’s have Ann Dvorak minutia for $100, Alex.

  2. admin October 28, 2013

    Thanks Mike! Also, she bit her nails. 😀

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