Biography Progress Report #15: Moving Right Along

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 86

On Monday, I made first contact with the Marketing Department over at the University Press of Kentucky. They sent for approval the text they wrote for their Fall Catalog  along with the summary for the book jacket, which included a great pull quote from a Hollywood biographer who I greatly admire.

Receiving the text gave me a jolt and really brought it home that this book I have labored over for more years than I care to think about, is now out of my hands will be out in the world very soon.  It’s exciting, and also bizarre, to see my manuscript being described and interpreted by someone else, but is also proof positive that there is no turning back. What I have written will be the permanent record of Ann Dvorak, (unless it actually sells enough to warrant a revised edition down the line, but I don’t think I’ll count on that).

Fingers crossed that next Biography Progress Report will be a book cover!


  1. DickP March 27, 2013

    Hey!! Without a doubt you should start preparing for a second addition now. Don’t wait until the last minute! Remember the old adages, “strike while the iron is hot” (never quite figured that one out); and, “she who hesitates in planning a second addition can be lost” (somewhat less well known). What is nice though is that those of us that will have purchased the SIGNED first editions will have very valuable items in our collections.

    Oh, yes, will the first edition jackets have the author in her favorite Betty Page regalia on the back? Photoshop it so that Ann D. is also there in her “Bird Costume” please. This little detail could well be the key tipping point that sells thousands and thousands of books you know…

  2. admin March 27, 2013

    They haven’t asked me for an author photo yet. Until I lose the rest of my pregnancy weight (never-mind that my daughter is almost 3), I ain’t offering one!

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