Biography Progress Report #12: The Ann Dvorak Book is Done!

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 40

With great pleasure, I am happy to report that the final manuscript of the Ann Dvorak biography has been completed and sent off to the University Press of Kentucky for publication!

I have to admit, I am proud of how it turned out, especially considering that Ann did not leave much of herself behind, besides her film performances. If I can brag for just a moment, the second “Reader” who was employed by Kentucky to asses the manuscript stated, “I must say upfront that this is one of the best-written show-business biographies I have ever read.” Well, that was a huge relief and I hope many others will agree.

Unfortunately, this final submission did not go off without a horrid hitch. Two weeks ago, the niece of Ann’s third husband, Nick Wade, sent some snapshots of Ann & Nick in Hawaii in the 1970s. The photos were traveling via USPS from Long Beach to North Hollywood, but have yet to arrive. I’m pretty sure Kentucky will let me add them after the fact, IF they show up,  but I really think they’re gone. Just heartbreaking, especially considering I have never seen a photo of Nick. In all the years I have been purchasing photos online, there were two other times that packages got lost and both contained candid Ann photos. I’m cursed!

But, back to the more cheerful news. I have been working on Ann’s story 15 years, and now it’s done. Kind of. There’s still the proofing of copy-edits & galleys, along with indexing (yes, I get to create the index) and a few other steps, so we’re still a ways off, but we’re getting there!

Thanks again to everyone who has stuck with me these many long years. A book on Ann Dvorak is really just around the corner!


  1. artman2112 February 9, 2013

    i cant wait to read this book!!!!! but sad to hear of the lost photos 🙁

  2. admin February 9, 2013

    Yeah, I kind of want to throw-up every time I think about them. 🙁

  3. Christina February 9, 2013


  4. Cliff Aliperti February 9, 2013

    Congrats again! You should be proud and every right to brag!Now we readers begin our wait.

  5. DickP February 9, 2013

    When were the photos sent? I have two daughters that live in Hawaii. I learned long ago to only use Priority Mail with delivery verified. The reason I did this method was that I’ve had first class mail take over two weeks to get here from Hawaii. Must come here on the proverbial “slow boat from China” at times.

  6. admin February 10, 2013

    They were sent almost three weeks ago and were traveling maybe twenty-five miles. I have a feeling they were mis-delivered and are sitting in someone’s house. 🙁

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