Ann Passed Out in “Out of the Blue”

Year of Ann Dvorak: Day 111

Yesterday, we flew from Los Angeles to Chicago, then hopped in a rental and drove to the in-laws in Des Moines.

Here is a photo a Ann from Out of the Blue looking like I feel.

The Year of Ann Dvorak will get back on track tomorrow.


  1. DickP April 21, 2013

    This is without a doubt one of Ann’s greatest tests in acting…and she pulls it off wonderfully. Ann portrays a “ditzy” gal that is in most of the scenes throughout the movie. Also appearing is suave George Brent – although here he plays a “Casper Milk Toast” wimp of a guy (at least for most of the flick). Then there is Carole Landis, Brent’s overbearing wife. Turhan Bey plays the artist/Casanova interested in the next character – beautiful, vivacious Virginia Mayo. There are lots and lots of old time mix ups, fun stuff, and just plain mayhem.

    And not just because Ann is the star, but this is one of the funniest, cutest movies I can remember – ever! There are a lot of scenes in this movie that I can’t start to describe; mainly because in attempting to do so I know I would wind up on the floor laughing. Especially the scenes near the end..Ann is absolutely hilarious!!!

    Sadly there are no quality DVD’s of the movie available. You can buy any number of copies but the quality available just doesn’t lend itself to this classic. If you’re not a diehard Ann Dvorak fan before this movie, I would bet you would be after watching this comedy..

  2. artman2112 April 21, 2013

    *tsk*tsk*tsk* Christine this go-go-go jet set lifestyle of yours will be your undoing!

  3. admin April 21, 2013

    Ain’t I glamorous??

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